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Kubernetes Consulting: Faster, Agile Projects = Business Success

Our Difference​ Learn about our support offerings for Rancher. See how custom business software has helped our clients succeed, no sales pitch involved. Here at Stone Door Group, we have seen firsthand how companies achieve previously impossible scale and unimaginable feature velocity through containers and orchestration.

openshift consulting

Ksolves keeps the security and quality at its utmost priority and that makes us ISO certified. Ksolves bring together a perfect blend of services and expertise to create an environment of sustainable partnership with its OpenShift customers. We help you evaluate and implement the hybrid cloud solutions that work best for you. Are you looking to connect legacy infrastructure to a modern platform? Or do you need to quickly implement Red Hat technologies and applications into production?

OpenShift on AWS: 4-Week Implementation

If you’re interested in learning more about how our openshift consulting services work in practice, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to book a first free consultation with Christian, our Head of Cloud Native Services, today — and let’s get the conversation started. Automate your entire application life cycle, from servers to clouds to containers, and everything in between. If you are hired, the anticipated compensation range for the position $136,110 to $272,220 is based on a full-time schedule.

OpenShift made deploying application changes into production a simple, repeatable, and automated process. Because it was containerized the application was isolated from the environment in which it was going to run. This enabled more consistent deployment, and eliminated any risk of interfering with other applications in the same environment. We were then able to manage multiple application environments with much less effort and cost than what’s possible in traditional build environments. Burdened by a high rejection rate for uncontested divorce filings, the Ministry of the Attorney General set out to simplify the process for citizens.

Unified Approach

Kubernetes and OpenShift are rapidly bringing self-healing, autoscaling platforms to the enterprise; this article gives you a roadmap for planning out your enterprise’s course when implementing this exciting new technology. We’ll help you run applications on OpenShift and get products to market faster. We help them identify and resolve real challenges by applying proven open source practices. Buy a learning subscription or pick and choose courses and exams as you need them. Red Hat training can put your teams on a practical learning path to fit your business goals.

  • Blogs Articles and industry knowledge from experts and guest authors.
  • With over 100,000 Red Hat consulting hours, and a deep bench of certified Red Hat architects, we are here to accelerate and ensure your organization’s digital transformation.
  • The goal was to build, learn, and improve while the service was being developed.
  • Organizations are turning to containers and Kubernetes to meet these needs.
  • Here are 4 alternatives to Excel to better suit your unique business needs & scale.

OpenShift allows developers to develop and deliver high-quality applications and operations in a faster and more advanced way. You will get the answer to all your questions through our https://globalcloudteam.com/ services. We take an integrated approach, connecting people, process, and technology to help address the unique needs of your organization on your digital transformation journey. When you need implementation in your environments (on-prem, cloud, or hybrid) to be built with a mix of our expertise and your unique culture of IT management, the only place to find that is at Crossvale. OpenShift provides an on-demand, elastic, scalable, and fully configured application development, testing, and hosting environment for application developers.

Red Hat OpenShift

Contact us to learn more about how our red hat consulting might help your business. We are always moving forward – always pushing ourselves to go further in our efforts to build a more equitable, inclusive world for our employees, our customers, and our communities. We invest heavily in you – not only through learning, training, and career development, but also through the flexible working practices and stellar benefits that help you grow and progress long-term. Stone Door Group has implemented container transformation for customers since 2004. We maintain one of the largest benches of Red Hat certified OpenShift consultants in the world. Vizuri’s customizable, cloud-based solution, comprised of leading-edge open source technologies, boosts your policy decisions with AI-assisted underwriting support.

openshift consulting

OpenShift works on a layering system, where each layer is bound to another with the help of Kubernetes and Docker clusters. The entire architecture is designed to support and manage Docker containers hosted by Kubernetes on top of all the layers. The development platform operates on-premise datacenters and private and public clouds, creating proper environments for applications across all the infrastructures that support Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We understand the overwhelming container technology options and hybrid cloud architectures available in the marketplace and the grinding effect it has on starting…somewhere, anywhere on your digital transformation initiatives. Our engagement delivers a scalable container technology stack, an early app migration win, and a strategy to get a running start on app modernization. SrinSoft is the leading provider of OpenStack services and have successfully delivered clouds customization, integration, and support from the smallest enterprise deployment to the largest public clouds.

Struggling to keep your OpenShift cluster running?

Build and integrate CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins and Artifactory, facilitating developer speed and self-service. Configure and provision OpenShift cluster with cluster sizing, storage, capacity planning, and monitoring. Improves business and efficiency results satisfying the customers’ and users’ needs.

openshift consulting

These components are tested together for unified operations on a complete Kubernetes platform spanning every cloud. With an agile, automated infrastructure, Vizuri helped ATPCO to gain new speed and reliability to meet industry demands. Provide mentoring and knowledge transfer to minimize the learning curve and speed up adoption for your organization. Deliver continuous innovation and automation across your application portfolio. We’re easy to talk with and you might be surprised at how much you can learn about your project by speaking with our experts.

Sr. Hybrid Cloud Platform Engineer – TS/SCIJob Title – Sr. Hybrid Cloud Platform Engineer – TS/SCI

To quickly deliver new applications or to containerize and migrate existing ones to the cloud, they need a trusted platform to build upon. Develop a reference architecture and design based on your business use cases and vision. Provide a roadmap to migrate your legacy applications to the new reference architecture, following an iterative approach. End-to-end services to quickly design, build, and improve applications for cloud at scale. From idea to implementation to management, we create a cloud strategy that makes cloud a foundation for innovation. In most businesses, DevOps’ major appeal is an automated software that uses infrastructure-as-code techniques.

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