17 de setembro de 2023 Cristiano Silva

How to Find Free Coupons

You can save money by using coupons for a range of services and products. Print and mail them, or download them to your phone or tablets. Many manufacturers and stores offer coupons for cleaning, food items, household supplies, restaurant meals, and more. Coupons are also available for auto repairs and oil changes and yard work, and even for vacations.

Looking through your local newspaper advertisements is the best way to find coupons. Coupons are usually found in the Sunday paper or in the mid-week mailer. Go through the weekly ads at your local grocery store to determine whether you can combine coupons from the store with manufacturer coupons.

You can also search the web for printable coupons or digital coupons that are free. Many websites such as CouponCabin, RedPlum and SmartSource have a huge catalog of coupons that can be printed or used on your tablet or smartphone. Some of these websites require you to create an account or login to access the coupons.

Certain companies offer exclusive coupons to their Facebook and Twitter followers. You can also join their mailing lists online. For instance, HP and Davidson’s Tea both have mailing lists that distribute exclusive coupons to their customers on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to check the product packaging before you throw it away. Many items, like disposable cleaners, razors and personal items, include a small coupon in the packaging.


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