8 de outubro de 2023 Cristiano Silva

How to Create Oculus App Content

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Oculus app content is an interactive virtual reality platform that offers many different VR games, movies and other media. Anyone with a compatible computer and headset can download and use it for no cost. Oculus provides virtual reality content along with other features such streaming and social networking.

It is essential to adhere to the Oculus content guidelines and rules when developing VR apps. This includes a minimum of 10 minutes of gameplay and proper game progression and an engaging narrative. Oculus requires that apps meet performance requirements to ensure smooth play and a positive experience for users. This includes tests for performance like Locomotion and Object Interactions as well as Player and Camera Orientations.

When developing VR apps, it is important to keep in the forefront of your mind that they are safe for children. Fortunately, the Oculus app comes with parental controls which can be used to monitor and limit access to VR content. This is a great method to protect your children from the risks of playing games featuring adult or mature themes.

Connect your smartphone to the oculus device prior to when you can install an app. Launch the oculus application after connecting and select your headset from the dropdown menu. After you’ve selected your headset the app will show the available apps that are available to install on your device. Once you have found an app that you want to download, click the download button and follow the instructions on screen to complete the procedure.

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